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History Podcast on Undergraduate Research and Collaborating with Professors | Episode 1


History Training Beyond the Classroom: Writing and Research Collaborations


Student Research Panel | Photo (Left to Right): A. Okoreeh (CSUDH), S. Paul (Willamette U.), N. Amr (Harvard), March 2018

A student panel on the benefits of undergraduate research opportunities and collaboration. To an audience of students and faulty, my guests share their experiences and the multitude of ways they apply their training to connect theory and practice beyond the classroom. In partnership with CSUDH College of Arts & Humanities and the History Club

Digital Archive Project: Gender, Race, and Empire

A collective digital archive created by a group of interdisciplinary undergraduate students. Inspired by our reading, writing, and discussions centered on Gender, Race, and Empire, a course held in the Department of History at Willamette University.

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Edible Empire: African Cocoa in a Global Economy 


Edible Empire EMB Glossy Final copy

An interdisciplinary exhibition of 19th and 20th century materials and images depicting the West African cocoa industry. Exhibition themes explore the historical significance of cocoa as a global commodity, its role in the development of global capitalism, and its place in constructing popular understandings of Europe’s empire.

Co-curated with Ellen C. Caldwell and Justin Bengry and in collaboration with The National Archives (U.K), the Getty Research Institute Special Collections, and the UC Interdisciplinary Humanities Center.


Source: Children’s story book published and distributed to schools in the U.K. by Cadbury, c. 1960


Engaging with community members and partners | Photo: opening reception, November 14, 2006



Students visit the exhibition | Photo: Class visits, November 20-29, 2006