Articles & Chapters

  • “Female Credit Customers, the United Africa Company, and Consumer Markets in Colonial Ghana” in Consuming Behaviours: Identity, Politics, and Pleasure in Twentieth-Century Britain, edited by Erika Rappaport, Mark J. Crowley, and Sandra Trudgen Dawson (London: Bloomsbury, 2015)
  • “The Modern Shopping Experience: Kingsway Department Store and Consumer Politics in Ghana,” Africa, 82, 3 (2012): 368-92
  • “The Devil We Know:” Gold Coast Consumers, Local Employees, and the United Africa Company, 1940-60,”Enterprise & Society, 12, 2 (2011): 317-55
  • “Situating Histories of Consumption and Consumers in Africa,” Review Essay, Ghana Studies 11 (2010): 217-230
  • “Ideal Homes and the Gender Politics of Consumerism in Ghana, 1960-70,” Gender & History, Special Issue: Homes & Homecomings 21, 3 (2009): 560-75

Other Contributions

  • Postscript to, “Out of the Closet: Unveiling Sexuality Discourses in Uganda,” by Sylvia Tamale in Africa After Gender (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2007), 22-29

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